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About Project


The KarineDAO project is one the first few local DAO projects that collaborates and connects traditional businesses with current NFTs twist – O2O model. The project and its accompanying members foster a space for like-minded entrepreneurs that have similar visions to get together to build a more secure, influential and resourceful community.

Karine's mission is to empower more women and entrepreneurs globally with the power of innovation & community. She aims to inspire, educate, represent and build an influential presence in the NFT space. Both funds from minting and royalties will be used in accordance with Karine's initiatives such as funding and supporting projects powered/headed by females and educating the KarineDAO community.

our Values

KarineDAO’s 3 Cores

Female Empowerment

To introduce the NFT world to women and acquire more female NFT collectors and traders to benefit from this new technology.


To learn & earn in the NFT world through tokenizing their content & realizing dreams.


To fund and/or support potential start ups initiated by females or projects that possess female empowerment initiatives and also to share Karine’s network and resources so as to add value to such supported/funded projects. Secondly, to connect businesses in the NFT world to have utility for its community in the real world and the Metaverse.

Team Members

Who we are

Karine Cheong


Karine is a beauty veteran and the winner of Asia Successful Achiever 2016/17. She has over a decade of experience in the Beauty and Health industry, building businesses around Southeast Asia.

Qi Yu

Project Advisor

Qi Yu is the CEO and Founder of Tokenize Xchange, a Singapore-headquartered digital exchange platform that allows the trading of digital assets in a safe and secure environment with competitive fees.

Alson Chia

Project Manager

Alson is the Head of Operations & Trading of Tokenize Xchange. He previously graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and worked at Deloitte & PwC and was exposed to doing financial and risk assurance for multiple clients.

William Charlton

Community Manager

William is in business development at Tokenize Xchange. William has had a keen interest in Crypto since his first brush with it trading In-game items for Bitcoin. Although observing from a distance initially, the 2020 bull run gave William the confidence to pursue a career in crypto and join Tokenize Xchange.